Students, parents help create ‘Little Free Pantry’ in Littleton

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- As pop-up "Little Free Libraries" become popular in Colorado, students from Heritage high school have created a similar service in Littleton.

Students and their families built a "Little Free Pantry" on West Littleton Boulevard just outside of the Doctors Care building. It's designed to provide food for locals in need, with the motto being, "Take what you need and leave what you can."

"So far it’s been working great. I’ve seen people come and go, putting in and taking from it, so it’s working out very well," said Adrienne Aguilar, a Doctors Care employee.

The idea first started in Arkansas, then eight students from the Heritage High School co-ed cheer team wanted to bring one to Littleton.

Neighbors are already taking notice.

"I saw that and it caught my eye because I have some extra food I'd like to donate!" said Elaine Spies, Littleton resident.

The pantry is constantly filled with non-perishable cans and other items. It sits on the property of the Doctors Care building, a non-profit organization that welcomed the pantry with open arms.

The pantry window is open all the time which makes it easy for folks to get what they need.

"This community is in need of that. I teach preschool and I know we have a lot of kids that are in need," said Spies.

The high school students are responsible for taking care of the pantry. Each are assigned rotating weeks to make sure it's stocked and clean.

It's located in the parking lot at 609 West Littleton Boulevard.