Man who posted standoff on Facebook Live taken into custody at Lakewood motel

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- A man wanted on felony warrants in several metro cities became involved in a standoff with police while holding at least three people inside with him.

The SWAT situation in Lakewood ended peacefully Friday after the suspect posted much of the incident on Facebook Live.

It was a stolen car and good police work that led to the arrest of this suspect.

No shots were fired and no one was injured but there were many threats Friday.

“Hello, the ___ cops are on the phone dog,” Ray Green-Lister says in the live video on social media.

He was wanted on three felony warrants and was first spotted by officers sitting on a stolen car outside the Denver West Inn Motel in Lakewood.

“When the officer tried to contact the man, the man turned, ran back inside the hotel, but on his way he dropped a bunch of ammunition,” said Steve Davis, spokesman for Lakewood Police.

Back in his room, Lister started posting on Facebook Live, capturing the moment police called asking him to come out peacefully.

“No, I'm not ready yet, OK.  I will let you know when I’m ___ready. If you guys start coming in here then people are gonna' start dying I guess,” Lister said on camera.

In the room, two women could be heard crying in the background.

“This is my freedom that you’re taking away from me, OK.  So give me some ____ time. OK. I'm telling the people that I love what I need to tell them and then everybody will come out,” Lister said on camera while on the phone with police.

Outside, the SWAT team was assembling.

“He wasn’t letting them leave so we didn’t want to create a situation where one of those people were in fact injured or forced him to harm one of them,” Davis said.

"I’m going to check the ____ window, if you guys have moved any closer people are going to get hurt buddy,” Lister said on Facebook Live.

Lister was seen waving around a gun, while looking out the motel window to see how he was surrounded by the SWAT team.

In the four hours the situation lasted, rooms were cleared or people inside of them were told to shelter in place.

“The rooms that we felt like we could get people out of safely without exposing them to his view, we did empty,” Davis said.

The SWAT team remained patient until Lister peacefully surrendered.

“We’ve got to always be prepared for the absolute worst that can happen right now and hope for the best,” Davis said.

Lister has three felony warrants out for his arrest and could be facing even more charges after Friday’s situation. ​