School community hopes to find kidney donor for beloved teacher

DENVER -- Andy Klaus-Corritore is a teacher making a difference. Now his students at Denver Academy want to make a difference in his life.

Mr. K., as they call him, needs a kidney transplant, and the school community is launching a campaign to find him a donor.

“Having Mr. K. as a teacher has really changed my life,” ninth-grade student Niko Hilton said. “I just want to see him get a new kidney."

On Tuesday, the school held a celebration in honor of Klaus-Corritore getting onto the official donor list.

He’s been on dialysis 10 hours per night for the past year, and he still comes to work every day.

"When you have a great support team, and a lot of love behind you, it certainly makes it a lot easier to persevere," Klaus-Corritore said.

The school community is now focused on finding a donor.

One of the parents made a video that will be shared through social media.

The goal is to find a living donor. Without a living donor, the wait time is about five years.

"It’s really humbling," Klaus-Corritore said.

He is already overwhelmed by the support he’s received.

"You don't realize how wonderful people are until they step forward," he said.

Donating a kidney requires surgery and a hospital stay.  Anyone interested in donating can call 303-757-0959 or visit the American Transplant Foundations's website.