Rompers for men making waves

DENVER -- It's an article of clothing that has been popular with women since the 1950s. It's called the romper.

"It's basically a button up with shorts sewn together," said Rashad Randolph, owner of MAM Couture Boutique.

But something happened in the world of fashion. New ground was broken.

Welcome the Bromper. It's a romper, for him.

Basically, a pair of man's shorts and a man's shirt are sewn together, making it a one piece.

The idea was started by three business school graduates in Illinois. In just a few weeks, the idea has become a social media tsunami.

Retailers are tooling up, including Randolph.

Brompers are only available online, but are back ordered. MAM Couture Boutique is making as many as possible.

Why buy a bromper? Well, for one, say goodbye to mix and matching woes, fellas. Brompers are like Garanimals for guys.