Memorial Day hailstorm covers Centennial streets in white

CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- A fast but furious hailstorm pounded parts of Aurora and Centennial on Monday evening, wiping out gardens and flower beds.

"It was like the middle of winter in the middle of summer," a Centennial man said.

"It was so amazing and it was just deafening. I couldn't believe it. It was just crazy," added Jackie Levell of Aurora.

Levell pulled out her cellphone and started recording as the storm moved in. The hail not only coated patios and streets, it wiped out plants.

"Thanks to Mother Nature, the hail really got our plants good. My husband just bought these today," Levell said.

She wasn't alone. The hail piled up on some city streets. It looked more like snow. Some residents had to shovel sidewalks once the storm had passed.

"It does look like snow except for the leaves caked inside of it," a man said.

Little property damage was reported.