Winners and losers in President Trump’s budget proposal

DENVER -- President Donald Trump's budget proposal is just that -- a proposal. But it does give insight into what the White House prioritizes.

Here are some of the winners and losers

Veterans and current military

Rating: Winner

Reason: Trump's budget proposal gives active military a raise of anywhere between $50 to $115 a month. It increases overall spending by 10 percent and dedicates more than $4 billion in new revenue to help veterans get care

Working Poor

Rating: Loser

Reason: The president's budget slashes food stamps by $192 billion, cuts Medicaid by more than $600 billion and reduces the Children's Health Insurance Program by $5.8 billion.

"It's really a roller coaster -- not knowing how I am going to get by," Medicaid user Reyna Ulibarri said.


Rating: Loser

Reason: The budget slashes the budget by more than 30 percent. It almost certainly means a loss in jobs. It is unclear if layoffs will take place in Denver's Environmental Protection Agency office.

"Environmental enforcement is slated to be slashed a whole quarter -- 25 percent. That's taking environmental cops off the beat," said Jessica Goad with Conservation Colorado.

Federal student loan users

Rating: Loser

Reason: The budget eliminates subsidies on interest for low-income students while also eliminating debt forgiveness for public service.

Future parents

Rating: Winner

Reason: The Trump administration has proposed a family leave plan -- allowing moms and dads of new children to take time off from work.