Wet spring causes flooding at 3 Brighton homes

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BRIGHTON, Colo. -- Three homeowners are dealing with several feet of water after the recent rain and snow.

“My husband’s retired and I’m soon to be retired,” homeowner Deb Fushimi said. "But this is not the beachfront property we wanted.”

The Fushimis have owned their home for 37 years. They say their property always floods in late spring, but never like this.

“When I drive through it, it’s at the top of my car, a regular-size car, so what, 2 feet?” she said.

Half of their one-acre property is under water and so are large portions of both of the properties next door.

One neighbor has been running pumps since Saturday to try to keep the water from seeping into his home. His car wasn’t so lucky; it is submerged up to the windows.

This latest round of flooding began late last week after a round of very wet weather moved across the Front Range.

“A little bit of snow but a lot of rain and it just started filling up,” Fushimi said.

“The rain came real fast and quickly this time and I personally don’t think it has anywhere to drain. There’s a ditch in front of our yard but there’s no drainage at all.”

Fushimi and her neighbors called Adams County, the Brighton Fire Department and Stormwater Utility for help after the flooding began.

According to a spokesman for Adams County, it is the homeowners’ responsibility to deal with it because all of the flooded lands are on private property.

While the residents pay a Stormwater Utility fee to pay for drainage projects, the spokesman said those projects are reserved for more high-impact areas.

“It just shocked me that part of my tax money can’t help fund this as far as making it right for us,” Fushimi said.

She worries the water won’t recede for at least three months.

‘I just want the water to go away,” she said.