Texting lingo every parent should know

DENVER — The language of texting is constantly evolving.

Yes, “BRB” still means “Be Right Back” and you can still use “LOL” to express “Laughing Out Loud.” But any parent knows, the threat of the internet is no laughing matter.

And staying informed is the most important arsenal you can equip yourself with on the battlefields of keeping your kids safe.

Sometimes that arsenal can come down to the meaning behind four simple letters. Such as “GNOC,” which translates into the life-changing threat of “Get Naked On Camera.”

To a teen, that request could seem innocent enough, especially if it comes from someone they trust.

But many who have experienced the harsh reality of cyberbullying will tell you, one innocent nude picture can result in a lifetime of regret.

Acronyms have grown in popularity over the years, as digital communication demanded faster results.

So came things like “LMK” — let me know — and “OMW” — on my way.

Quick and effective alternatives to typing an entire word, which also get your point across. What could go wrong?