Avocado lattes are the latest craze to hit the coffee scene

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MELBOURNE — If the Unicorn Latte isn’t your thing, an avocado latte, aka Avolatte, might be more up your alley.

Truman Cafe in Australia is the first known restaurant to offer the culinary creation (or abomination, depending on your taste buds).

The idea to combine the creamy fruit with steamed milk is clever on its own but the real innovation might be in the presentation.

To make the unique drink, Truman scoops out half of an avocado and fills it with espresso and steamed milk. Of course, a little latte art is the finishing touch.

Turns out, the cafe says the Avolatte is just a joke — a play on the rapidly growing fad of unconventional espresso drinks being snapped up at coffee shops lately.

Truman Cafe posted an Instagram video of the making of an Avolatte with the caption: “Would you try it?”

Judging from the comments, quite a few fans are into the idea with one person characterizing the drink as “my daily dose of caffeine in a vegan cup.”

The video has racked up over 100,000 views and some viewers say they’ve even tried their hand at recreating the drink in the comfort of their own home.