Marine Corps recruiting ad features woman in combat role for first time

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WASHINGTON — For the first time, a commercial for the U.S. Marine Corps features a woman in combat.

“The fighting spirit lives within all Marines. It conquers fear. Doubt. Weakness. It drives us to serve our country and our communities,” officials said on YouTube. “It makes us who we are: Marines.”

The woman in the ad is played by Capt. Erin Demchko, a Marine who served in Afghanistan, NPR reported.

The ad shows her as a young girl, stopping a bully, then as a young woman playing rugby in the pouring rain.

She is shown facing the physical challenges of training with the Marines, braving the intensity of combat and then volunteering to help the homeless.

Demchko has no plans to switch careers, though.

“Professional actors can keep their jobs,” Demchko told the Associated Press. “I’d rather be a Marine.”

The ad was released online Friday. It will be airing on TV later this month, according to Task & Purpose.