Surviving MAYhem

Christina Cook from Colorado Parent gives us some advice on how to finish the school year strong.


*Say NO - don't go into the summer starting tired! Set limits and give yourself permission to not be available for every request


*Simple Assignments - rest in between the craziness. Make time for reading or other quiet time activities


*Get Out More - schedule a night out far away from the toil: with a friend, a spouse or the kids and give you a chance to breathe.
Or grab a bottle of wine and make it a girls night out!


*Lean On Each Other - have someone to help out! Grandparents, a spouse, partner, babysitters etc. will help keep you sane.


*Get Organized – Make 3 bags for spring-cleaning: toss it, keep it, donate it

Dealing with school supplies that have piled up, old backpacks and books- give yourself 3 options: toss it, keep it, or donate it


*Take Shortcuts - order take out, make cereal for diner, delegate tasks to your kids to help out too


*Embrace It – try to enjoy the craziness because everything goes quickly!