The Baby Booster Formula Gives Moms-to-Be and Nursing Moms Extra Protein and Vitamins

Baby Booster (The Prenatal Protein Formula) come in several flavors, and we have four flavors: Kona Mocha, Tahitian Vanilla, Pina Colada, and Superfruit Punch. They're all natural, OB-GYN approved shakes, chock full of healthy proteins, vitamins and nutrients including 20 grams of protein, iron, folic acid, DHA, and calcium. Add them to your morning shake or mix them into your yogurt bowl or smoothie. When you're growing a baby, it's essential to pack your diet with protein. And a nursing mom needs 500 extra calories a day to replenish her body. The Baby Booster is a great prenatal and postnatal baby formula. Find it at