Hail damages several high-end vehicles at Lakewood dealerships

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- The strong storm that rolled through the Denver metro area on Monday made it a bad day for car dealerships.

Stevinson Lexus in Lakewood was hit hard with several of its vehicles suffering shattered windows.

(Ursula Atabaeva)

Prestige Imports in Lakewood, which sells high-end cars such as Audis and Porsches, said every vehicle on its lot suffered some damage, many with broken windows.

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Prestige Imports estimates 250 to 300 cars were impacted. Several dozen suffered broken windows or windshields.

Some of the vehicles at the dealership are worth about $200,000.

Hail also broke windows and windshields across the Denver metro area.

Other businesses also suffered damage, including Colorado Mills mall, where the hailstorm caused damage and flooding at several businesses.