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Storms knock down trees, snap power lines in metro area

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DENVER -- Powerful storms moved through the Denver metro area on Sunday afternoon, knocking down trees and snapping power lines.

A large tree snapped near the base of the trunk and fell onto two homes in Denver. No one was hurt.

The Denver Fire Department said crews are working to remove the tree from the roof of the home at 2316 Dexter St. and are assessing for structural damage to both houses.

"I feel bad for the people when they come home. They just moved in. It''s going to be tough for them," neighbor Ray Lunsford said.

"That's lucky that no one was home. That's an unfortunate surprise to come home to," John Rodriguez said.

The wind also uprooted trees and took down branches in Aurora's Highland Park neighborhood. Some of the trees fell on power lines.

"All of a sudden, everything starts twirling around and we looked out the front window and everything was flying by, twigs and branches. It only lasted about a minute," Bernice Giese said.

In Giese's yard, a large tree fell over, while branches tangled with power lines on her property line.

"It's unbelievable how that could be pulled out of the ground like that," Giese said.

There was heavy rain, thunder and lightning, and strong winds across the metro area.

The risk for thunderstorms will continue throughout the week.