Denver police beef up enforcement for weekend Cinco de Mayo celebrations

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DENVER -- Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the Denver kicked off Friday. The Cinco de Mayo cultural festival will happen Saturday and Sunday in and around Civic Center Park.

But much of the focus will be along Federal Boulevard, where the Denver Police Department prepared for three nights of heavy traffic and cruising as the celebrations continue through the weekend.

The celebrations typically include the ritual of cruising Federal Boulevard, the vehicles and crowds decked out, mainly between Sixth Avenue and West Florida Avenue.

Police will be concentrating their enforcement this weekend. The city has a three-phase plan in place if traffic gets heavy or any violence breaks out.

Police say they will have plenty of extra officers working the area with the sole emphasis on the celebration.

"If conditions get so bad, if traffic gets so bad where we no longer can manage it, if it’s a threat to public safety, then we will divert traffic completely off Federal Boulevard and clear it out as much as can," police Cmdr. Mark Fleece said.

“Those officers are up there overseeing traffic flow, managing traffic, looking for violations that will affect public safety."

Police say they will be keeping an eye out for any possible noise violations as well as street racing.

Downtown roads will be closed beginning Friday night for the 30th Cinco de Mayo festival in and around Civic Center Park. It will be held from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.