Aspire Works to End Global Whining

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Do you ever feel like the world is becoming more filled with negativity, complaints, poor losers and bad attitudes? Our next guest says it's time to take aim at the negativity and put an end to Global Whining. Renie Cavalarri is the CEO of Aspire and Author of the book "Aspire to... Shine."

Renie Cavallari is the CEO and Chief Instigating Officer of Aspire. People. Performance. Profits. Her latest book "Aspire to... Shine" is the third in a series of 'Aspire to...' books that motivates readers to inspire the world around them by discovering their true potential. As a business leader, strategist and public speaker, she is best known for her ability to collaborate with teams of employers and employees to inspire successful change and unleash uncharted possibilities for their businesses.

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