Why a red swimsuit is seemingly showing up everywhere

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California company says it’s giving away this red suit to anyone who helps spread their post. (Instagram/sunnycoclothing)

LOS ANGELES — Nothing in life is free, but Instagram users might not have gotten the memo.

In what Mediaite sees as a sort of copycat move based on the Wendy’s chicken nugget boy, California-based Sunny Co Clothing on Tuesday issued a call asking Instagram users to repost a photo within 24 hours and tag the company in the repost.

Those who did by 3 p.m. MDT Wednesday were told they’d get a code entitling them to a free Pamela Sunny Suit, with a retail value of $64.99.

Somewhat predictably, the photo of the back of a girl in the suit is everywhere, reports Mediaite.

If Sunny Co Clothing was hoping for a strictly feel-good story — it did kick off its post with the message “sharing is caring” — it somewhat failed, at least on Twitter, where people went to vent about the photo’s proliferation.

Time rounded up some particularly funny responses.

Even Simone Biles tweeted to ask for an end to the madness, and her tweet has been liked more than 12,500 times.

The original Instagram post notes the promotion is sponsored by @twazerapp, so perhaps it’s not costing Sunny Co Clothing much, but it will cost participants something: Shipping and handling isn’t included and costs $12, CBS Local reports.

That was clarified in a second Instagram post from the company that outlined some other details: Deliveries could be delayed (it suggests a three- to six-week ship time) and “Due to the viral volume of participants, we reserve the right to cap the promotion if deemed necessary.”

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