Culver’s “Scoops of Thanks” Day for Farmers

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It's not often that eating ice cream can make a difference in the world but today it can! It's Culver's Scoops of Thanks Day to support agriculture in America. One US farm feeds an estimated 168 people annually, both here and abroad. And with the global population expected to increase to more than 9 million people by 2050, the world's farmers will need to grow about 60% more food than what is currently being produced! You can help by stopping by a local Culver's today, and getting a fresh scoop of frozen custard in exchange for a $1 donation to the local FFA. Culver's has raised over $1 million with the program in just the last five years. If you'd like to help, go to to learn about the Thank You Farmers Program and the Scoops of Thanks Day event, and to find a Culver's near you.