Hospitals hope for compromise from state lawmakers to avoid cut in funding

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DENVER -- Hospitals are set to receive a $500 million cut that Colorado lawmakers passed in order balance the state budget.

On Monday, a compromise was supposed to be reached, but at the last minute, the deal appeared to fall apart.

Lawmakers only have a few days before they are scheduled to leave town May 10.

Democrats argued they never agreed to raising Medicaid co-payments. Republicans say the deal was agreed to in principal.

The he said/she said game continued on Twitter with lawmakers releasing handwritten notes of the negotiation.

Some of the hospitals impacted would be Denver Health (about a $50 million cut), Children's Hospital of Colorado (about a $17 million cut) and the University of Colorado Health (about a $15 million cut).

Lincoln Community Hospital would lose around $300,000. It has said it would close as a result.

"What will end up happening is we will have to look at all of the services that we provide to our patients and we will have reduced access, we will have programs that will close, you'll have an impact on the entire institution," said Robin Wittenstein, CEO of Denver Health.

Democrat and Republican leadership expressed optimism a deal to avert the cuts could still be reached.