Denver police recruits get pepper-sprayed in the face

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DENVER — The Denver Police Department released a video of its new recruits participating in a special kind of training exercise.

“Ever wonder what if feels like to be pepper sprayed? Well, these recruits don’t have to wonder anymore. Watch as they experience it first-hand …” the police department said on Facebook.

“It’s a searing pain. Your eyes slam shut and it’s difficult to open them,” recruit officer Mackenzie Tommell explains. “There’s a lot of mucus and spitting and crying and tears.”

After being sprayed directly in the face, the recruits practice shouting commands at pretend suspects and try to find their partner to assist them to a water station.

“The purpose of this training is to let us know what that type of pain feels like so that if we need to use pepper spray or OC on the street we know that we’re using an appropriate level of force for the situation,” Tommell said.

“It’s a worthwhile training experience, I would say,” Tommell said, still sniffling.