Kardashian faces backlash after depicting herself as Virgin Mary

LOS ANGELES — Kim Kardashian has added a new item to her online store of merchandise and this latest product has some consumers seeing red.

Kardashian released a series of tweets Thursday announcing the addition of a prayer candle that would be available to her fans.

In a twist, the image on the candle is a picture of Kardashian as the Virgin Mary.

The candle costs $18 and is a part of a line of merchandise she released specifically for April 20, a celebration of marijuana culture.

Among the other products released are a ball cap reading “Never not high,” tie-dye rolling papers and a vulgar ashtray.

The candle sparked backlash throughout Twitter with some labeling the product sacrilegious.

Many fans have taken up the hastag #christiansboycottkimoji to flood Kim’s Instagram account in protest.

Earlier in the week, Kardashian was scrutinized for saying that having the flu was a great way to drop a few extra pounds.

Kardashian has yet to comment on the controversy.