Questions surround man who says military medals, papers left in impounded RV

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AURORA, Colo. – A 29-year old Aurora man who says he’s a Navy veteran claims to have lost everything he owned including his military papers, Navy dress uniforms and two bronze stars he says he was awarded for his service.

However, the U.S. NAVY confirmed Friday it has no record of service for Garrett Judson Ball or him winning two bronze stars.

The Denver Rescue Mission called FOX31 Problem Solvers on Monday about Garrett Ball’s story, asking for help getting his belongings back.

Ball is currently in a program at the Mission and FOX31 decided to take on the story on Tuesday. We trusted the word of people we’ve done business with before and should have done more checking ourselves before moving forward with the story.

Ball told the Problem Solvers everything he owned was inside the RV he purchased about six months ago. In November, Ball said he was pulled over by Aurora Police for not having tags on the camper.

After the story aired, FOX31 continued to dig into Ball’s story to find out Ball was stopped by a deputy with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, not Aurora Police as first reported.

Ball said he couldn’t title or register the RV with the city of Aurora because he didn’t have a permanent address.

The RV was impounded for that reason and Ball says he was not allowed to get any of his personal belongings out and didn’t have the money to get the RV released from impound.

Ball told us he spent four-and-a-half years in the Navy and fought in the Iraq War spending two years of service in Baghdad. The Navy has said that was not the case.

Additionally, FOX31 has learned that the RV was impounded for several months before the tow lot called the previous owner of the camper to pick it up since it was still titled and registered in the old owner’s name.

FOX31 got in contact with the previous owner. He said he did in fact pick the RV up from impound and still has all of the contents Ball left inside. He said he has been keeping them in storage in case Ball ever contacted him wanting it back. He also says Ball never did.

When FOX31 asked if the RV contained any military medals, Navy dress uniforms or military papers belonging to Ball, the previous owner said nothing like that was found in the RV. He also says Ball is welcome to come collect what was inside.

FOX31 tried to contact Ball several times Thursday to ask about questions surrounding his military service and the story he told us. He has not returned our messages.