University of Denver warns students of eggs being thrown at pedestrians

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DENVER -- On paper it may sound funny, but in reality, it's a different story.

From March 4-14 there have been three reported incidents and four victims of someone throwing raw eggs at them from a dark colored SUV.  All of the attacks happened on or near the University of Denver campus.

One female victim was seriously hurt. "We had one individual who was struck in the eye. And any kind of projectile into the eye can cause the loss of eyesight," Mike Fetrow, University of Denver campus safety investigator, said.

"I was just shocked. I didn't think that anyone would actually throw them at people. Maybe at buildings but not people," one female DU student said.

Some students are taking a proactive approach and are conducting surveillance, and maybe even returning fire by throwing a few eggs of their own. "We got to try and caution them on something like this because we don't know who we are dealing with," Fetrow said.

Not yet, that is. Denver Police are involved and are confident that they will crack this case, like an egg.