Pack a PUNCH for St. Paddy’s Day

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Punch Bowl Social's Beverage Director Patrick Williams knows how to WOW the Irish crowd! He shares recipes for two favorites... a mocktail and a cocktail.

ShamROCK SHANDY – non- alcoholic punch

3 oz lemon peel oleo-saccharum*

9 oz Teakoe’s Orange Octane tea - chilled

12 oz Dry Soda’s Blood Orange

garnished with orange wheels and mint leaves

Rock Shandy is a famous combo of lemon soda and orange soda that Irish people drink as a non-alcoholic option or to cure a hangover.

*to make the oleo-saccharum. Peel 2 nice bright looking lemons and try to just peel the skin, leaving the white pith part. Pour 4 ounces (1/2 cup) over the peels and set aside for at least 4 hours, preferably over night. Juice the lemons and make sure you yield 3 ounces of juice to add to the sugar and peel mix. Pour the mix through a mesh strainer and set aside to drip. Stir up mixture to incorporate all the ingredients.

Build punch by pouring oleo-saccharum into bowl, then chilled tea. Stir to combine, then add ice. Pour soda over ice and stir again. Garnish with orange wheels and pretty mint sprigs.


Irish Puddin’ punch, Punch Bowl Social’s featured punch available at the restaurant from March 14 through March 21.

8 ounces Jameson Irish whiskey

8 ounces mint currant syrup

8 ounces Teakoe spiced plum tea

4 ounces lemon juice

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake vigorously, and pour into punch bowl. Repeat in stages and add ice as necessary. Garnish with lemon wheels and Luxardo cherries.