Owner turns in malnourished boxer; vet clinic works to help the dog

DENVER -- The owner of a boxer turned over the rights of the dog at the Hermosa Veterinary Clinic in North Denver on Tuesday.

Veterinarians said the dog was in very bad shape. Spartan is supposed to weigh in the 60-pound range. He came in closer to 35 pounds.

For the past couple of days, staff has worked around the clock to get Spartan’s appetite back to a healthy level.

The meal of choice: Elk and oatmeal.

The previous owner said the boxer is 6 years old.  A spokesman for HoBo Care Boxer Rescue said he might only be 4 or 5.

While in guarded condition on Thursday, the hope is to get Spartan back on his feet, well enough to be put up for adoption by the end of April.

The Westminster Police Department said its animal management officers opened an investigation into possible animal neglect in Spartan's case.