10-year-old Morrison boy saves mom, little sister during roadway emergency

MORRISON, Colo. -- Cash Cooley is just like any other 10-year-old boy. He lives in Morrison and loves to play baseball.

But a couple of weeks ago, an emergency situation took him from hitting line drives and put him into the driver’s seat.

“I saw the car swerving and noticed my mom was having a seizure,” Cash said.

While driving down Belleview Avenue in busy traffic, his mother suffered a seizure.

“I unbuckled and started screaming mom!” Cash said. “I grabbed the wheel and pulled out my phone to call 911.”

Not only did Cash take a hold of the wheel, he turned on the hazard lights and noticed his mother had her foot on the accelerator.

“I heard the engine and knew her foot was on the gas, so I pushed it off and we started slowing down,” Cash said.

After a few moments the van finally came to a stop when a passerby opened the driver’s side door, as the car was still moving at about 10 mph, hung on and was able to press the brakes.

“Very scared, of course,” Cash’s mother Amy said about the situation. “Very happy that my son was there. He knows how to handle himself in a lot of situations.”

Thanks to Cash’s fast thinking, nobody was injured, including his 6-year-old sister who was also in the car.

“I was trying to go as fast as I could because I didn’t want my mom to get hurt or anything like that,” Cash said.

He also said that it was a scary situation.

“I was very shaky and I was kind of on the verge of crying,” he added.

The good news is mom is doing much better, and never knew that her son could drive a car.

“So proud, so happy,” Cooley said. “I’ve seen him on the go kart track but that’s it."

The firefighters and police who responded to the 911 call said Cash is a hero.

“It makes me feel proud,” he said.