Top Considerations When Buying A Home

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All week long we've been telling you about great local businesses that can help you get hitched. For many, the next milestone after marriage is home ownership. Here are five factors to consider before you but your first home:

  1. The Neighborhood. If you're thinking about having kids, you need to take into account the safety of the neighborhood, the school district, and the amount of families that reside in the area.
  2. Required space. Create a list that helps you prioritize what kind of space is important to you as individuals and as a couple. For example, if you host a lot of parties, you may want to make a large kitchen and living room a priority.
  3. Bed and bath layout. Decide if you really need that extra guest bedroom if it means sacrificing a large kitchen or the perfect location.
  4. Budget. When you determine your budget for your home, make sure you include any ongoing expenses. Consider the cost it may take to upgrade your heating and cooling system, major appliances, windows and doors.
  5. Security. Look for a home that you can keep safe and sound with solid security features like trees and tall shrubbery, or a security camera system.