Ideal Home Loans Can Help You Buy A New Home

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but mortgage rates are inching up. So if you've been waiting for them to fall again before you refinance, you need to stop waiting and make a call today. The team from Ideal Home Loans came into our Help Center this morning to help you qualify for the lowest rate possible or pre-qualify you to buy a home.

We sate down with Brent Ivinson, President of Ideal Home Loans, to learn why now is the time to buy or refinance. If you own a home and have a mortgage, you can likely benefit from refinancing right now. With home values rising all the time, you definitely have some equity built up. And if you refinance now, you can skip at least one mortgage payment!

Call Ideal Home Loans now to get started saving at (303)867-7000. You can also find them online at