Equine Comeback Challenge

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A Home for Every Horse introduces the Equine Comeback Challenge; a program designed to help provide rescue horses with a solid and subsequently the opportunity for these horses in need to receive a new job and a chance at a forever home. The Equine Comeback Challenge allows rescue horses to attend full time training with trainers from all over the country showcasing the ability of rescue horses. The Equine Comeback Challenge features horse and trainer pairs to compete in a 120 day transformation process that is sure to provide excitement and also tug at the heart strings of people all over the world as these horses show their true ability as an equine partner.

About the 2017 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo is a dream-come-true for all horse lovers. With more than 150 different events and 45 clinicians showcasing the amazing ability of the horse over three days, the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo has something for everyone. Highlights include:

  1. The Mane Event: A music and light spectacle demonstrating all that is beautiful and amazing about the horse.
  2. Equine Comeback Challenge: Watch how far rescue horses can come after spending 120 days with the country’s top trainers. This amazing competition provides rescue horses with the opportunity to learn new skills and a have a chance at a forever home
  3. Find Your Dream Horse: Purchase your dream horse through our Select Sale and auctioning of rescue horses competing in the Equine Comeback Challenge.
  4. Mustang Days: See incredible demonstrations of how much these former wild horses can do.
  5. Art Sale: Invest in some incredible, one-of-a-kind equine artwork by up-and-coming artists.
  6. Trade Show: Learn about new and exciting products and services related to the horse industry.