U2C Business of the Week: Mason’s BBQ in Fairplay

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FAIRPLAY, Colo. -- There are so many amazing eateries sprinkled around our great state! This week we're focusing on a BBQ joint in Fairplay that's certainly 'Unique 2 Colorado'!

Mason's High Country BBQ was created six years ago by Criselda and Mark Miller. The small town diner is named after their son, who also works at the business.

So... what's their secret?

"We try not to worry about profit," Criselda Miller said. "We want people to laugh and leave with a smile on their face".

It's almost impossible not to laugh when you visit the BBQ. Criselda is a super friendly person who sparks friendships with her customers instantly.

Visiting 'Mason's BBQ' is an experience in itself!

To see why, watch Channel 2's Kevin Torres' Unique 2 Colorado report from Fairplay! Side note: Kevin recommends you try the pulled pork sandwich.