Michigan student with deadly allergy allegedy hazed with peanut butter while passed out

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MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. — A Michigan mother said her son endured a life-threatening hazing situation at Central Michigan University.

Teresa Seely posted on Facebook on Wednesday that members of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity rubbed peanut butter on her son’s face when he was passed out.

She posted pictures of her son Andrew, who has a deadly peanut allergy, with swelling to his eyes and face.

“He could have been killed. He was sent to the campus health clinic by a professor and treated. Luckily he is still alive,” Seeley wrote.

Authorities at the university have been notified and the family has hired an attorney.

Seeley wrote that her son has an Epi-pen and he carries Benadry tablets in his wallet at all times, but the incident happened when he was passed out.

She said the incident happened in the fall but her son didn’t tell the family until this week.

It’s not known if the fraternity members knew about the peanut allergy.

Central Michigan communications director Heather Smith told WXYZ in Detroit that the school is investigating the incident.

“This is potentially a criminal matter, so it’s very serious that we look into this as well,” Smith told the Detroit TV station.

Smith said the fraternity is not sanctioned to organize on campus.

“It was actually removed from campus in 2011 as a registered fraternity, as a recognized fraternity, for hazing,” she said. “So they tried to appeal last fall to be reinstated, they were denied by CMU’s inter-fraternity council as well as the university to be reinstated.”