Lakewood man celebrates 107th birthday

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DENVER -- In 1910, the Mexican Revolution started and was led by Pancho Villa. William H. Taft was president and Henry Ford sold an unprecedented 10,000 Model T's.

And on Feb. 28 of that year, Austin Pember Dunn Sr. was born in Medfield, Mass.

"That's 18 miles west of Boston," Dunn said Tuesday.

It was the beginning of a life that continues today -- 107 years long.

"You want to know something real bad?" Dunn asked. "I haven't had any breakfast yet."

Dunn is as sharp as a tack, remembering events that occurred more than 90 years ago.

"First thing I remember, in 1914, I was 4 years old. My father, he and my grandfather went into Boston to buy an automobile." Dunn said. "I don't remember if it was a Ford or an Overland. I don't remember which."

Dunn met President Calvin Coolidge, shook hands with baseball great Babe Ruth, and not only watched the first lunar landing in 1969, but worked on the radio equipment that was used by the astronauts.

Tuesday, friends and family celebrated his day of birth with song and food.

Enjoying cake and lobster, it was another birthday for Dunn.