FOX31 Problem Solvers get results for family at local apartment complex

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DENVER -- The FOX31 Problem Solvers are getting results for tenants of a west Denver apartment complex.
Some residents who live at the Stratford Plaza apartments on South Depew Street have been dealing with a mess in recent weeks.

Richard Pineda says the walls in his kitchen are constantly wet, water drips from the ceiling, and his dishwasher constantly fills up with murky, brown water coming from an unknown source.

"I try and make sure my wife and kids are out of this house 90 percent of the time," he said.


Pineda says that's the tip of the iceberg.

Earlier this winter he says he and his family were forced to go without heat and hot water for several weeks. He says he called his landlord hundreds of times over the past year, but the problems persist.

"They told me the same story they always tell me, Richard we'll get to it. Be patient. Well, I've been patient," Pineda said.

Pineda finally grew impatient and contacted the Problem Solvers, who then started calling his property manager.


Hudson Grove Property Management manages at least 16 apartment complexes in the Denver area.

A representative for the company said they could not give us the number of anyone who could address the problems at Stratford Plaza.

Our crew was turned away without getting to speak with anyone, but the pressure seems to have worked. Pineda said a few of the problems at his apartment were fixed.
Hudson Grove also sent the Problem Solvers a statement late Tuesday blaming a leak between the walls of several units. The company says damaged drywall and electrical systems are being fixed.

April Jones is with Colorado Affordable Legal Services. She tells the Problem Solvers stories like Pineda's are common.

"It happens a lot.These tenants don't have a ton of money to afford an attorney," she said.

Jones says many tenants don't do the right things to make sure their problems get fixed. She says repeated phone calls to the landlord aren't enough.

"Not sufficient. They can call but they must also give some form of written notice," she said.

Jones also recommends calling the Department of Environmental Health or 311. Code inspectors will visit your apartment and if there's a violation they'll make the landlord fix it.