Boulder can fine businesses, residents up to $450 for false alarms

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BOULDER, Colo. — The city of Boulder is going to start fining residents and businesses up to $450 each time police have to respond to a false alarm from a private security system.

Officials said the false alarm rate is 99.79 percent.

“Over a two-year period, Boulder police responded to 4,915 alarms. Only 10 of these were determined to be legitimate,” officials said in a statement released Monday.

The first instance of a false alarm will not result in a fine.

“In the case of repeated false alarms (two or more), a series of graduated fines will be charged to the alarm user, ranging from $100 to $450 for each violation,” officials stated.

“Repeated false alarms (five or more) will result in being added to the ‘Do Not Respond’ list, which means a Boulder police officer will no longer respond to the alarm location until the alarm has been fixed.”

The police department will not suspend response to panic or robbery alarms. The ordinance does not affect fire, carbon monoxide or medical alarms.

The New Alarm System Ordinance will go into effect Wednesday. All residents and businesses within city limits that have an alarm system are required to register for a permit. The annual fee is $35.

Fines for false alarms will be assessed beginning June 1.