Officer reminds drivers of ‘often forgotten, incredible safety feature’

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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana State Police officer turned to social media to remind drivers of an “incredible safety feature” they could be using.

Sgt. John Perrine made a helpful video for people who may have forgotten it exists.

“What if I told you there’s a feature on every car that’s standard that not only will help prevent crashes but’ll also help prevent road rage a little bit?” Perrine asks. “To the left side of your steering wheel there’s a stick that comes out. It’s pretty incredible, it’s called a ‘turn signal.’

“It may require that you put down your coffee or your cellphone or whatever you have in your hands so that you can safely drive.”

Perrine hashtagged the video: #SafetyTip.

Perrine has not only mastered the perfect delivery of sarcastic safety messages, he’s also pretty good at communicating with emoji.