Labrador puppy training to serve those who serve

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DENVER -- This is the beginning of a journey. An amazingly cute, but very purposeful journey.

And it all starts with a 12-week-old chocolate Labrador puppy and Freedom Service Dogs of America.

"We take in shelter dogs and rescue dogs and we transform them into service dogs and match them with individuals with disabilities," said Erin Conley with Freedom Service Dogs of America.

FOX31 Problem Solvers are proud to partner with Freedom Service Dogs of America and bring this little guy's journey to you. It's his chance to serve those who serve.

"The partnership will really help us get the word out about what we're doing in the community and beyond to change the lives of people with disabilities by giving them these amazing service dogs," Conley said.

For the next two years, you will watch him grow, develop and learn to be a full-fledged service dog.

"When he graduates, he'll be matched with one of the 50-plus people that have been waiting on our list to receive a service dog and that could be a veteran," Conley said.

There will be many challenges for the little pup. The fact is, only 1 in 3 dogs will have what it takes to become a service dog.

"There are a variety of reasons. Anything from medical reasons, sometimes they just like squirrels too much," Conley said.

Phase one is socialization. Learning people, places and things and, of course, plenty of time to be a puppy.

Additionally, we could use your help naming the puppy in our poll.

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