Amount of texting reaching epidemic proportions, according to study

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DENVER -- A whopping 81 percent of Americans text all the time. It's estimated there are about 200,000 texts every second.

"It's super convenient. We can at a moment's notice send off a message. Especially for scheduling, logistics, I can't imagine a better system," said Travis Heath, assistant professor of psychology at Metro State University Denver.

According to, one-third of adults prefer texting to all other forms of communicating.

"It's a bit disconcerting. Again, if it's just for logistical stuff, I say fine, but my fear is that people are trying to meet their interpersonal needs in this way," Heath said.

Even when people are together, they're still spending more time on line. And, the younger you are, the more you text.

Those who are 18 to 24 years old text 3,800 times a month.

"If you're looking at couples that are distracted by technology, they're certainly not invested in those moments in one another," Heath said.

Children these days are given devices by parents.

"It can be very dangerous if they are connecting to the world at such a young age. I couldn't imagine being five years old and having that kind of access to the world," Heath said.