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Aurora dad needs surgery for rare brain disease, hopes to raise $250,000

AURORA, Colo. -- Joe and Stacey Wilson have been married for nearly two decades and have two loving children but are facing the fight of their lives.

Joe Wilson, 38, was diagnosed with moya moya, a rare brain disease.

Although he works hard and has insurance, his policy will not cover the costs. He needs $250,000 to pay for the surgery that will save his life.

Family and friends are hoping the community will contribute to a GoFundMe page and make the difference of a lifetime.

“We`ve gone through all these years with a lot of stuff and I can`t imagine my life without him,” Stacey Wilson said.

Joe Wilson has had several strokes since August, but he still works when he can in order to keep money coming in.

“I pride myself on taking care of my family. I can`t do all the things I used to do,” he said.

The Wilsons are terrified they won't be able to raise the money. It's devastating knowing they have little time. Still, they are strong together in every way.

“She's always been my rock,” Joe Wilson said.

"He’s my hero no matter what," Stacey Wilson said.