Dumb Friends League has Affordable Spay and Neuter Options

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Having your pet spayed or neutered may be the single best deicision you can make for your pet. Not only does it keep your pets healthier and prolong their life, but it also reduces the number of homeless pets that have to be put down each year. Some families avoid spay and neutering their pet because of the cost, and that's exactly why we celebrate National Spay and Neuter Month each February. Joan Thielen from the Dumb Friends League came to the studio to share affordable options for spay and neuter.

There is a new spay/neuter clinic for cats located at PetAid Colorado at 191 Yuma Street. It's open Tuesday-Saturday, and all you have to do is call to make an appointment. You can also do it online at ddfl.org/catclinic.

For more information about adoptable pets, volunteering, or all the great programs they offer, just visit ddfl.org or call the Dumb Friends League at (303)751-5572. And remember to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.