Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Lawyers

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There is a stigma out there that if you file a lawsuit, it's somehow wrong. But if you're hurt, you deserve compensation. Colorado's Best attorney Phil Harding gives us his take on this in today's Legal Minute.

Shakespeare once wrote "Kill all the lawyers," and it has been misquoted daily. This statement in Shakespeare's play was actually made by a villain named Dick the Butcher, who wanted to overthrow the government and knew he needed to start by overthrowing those who promote and seek justice- the lawyers.

Wrong information about lawyers and lawsuits need to be understood. Here's another mis-statement: The US is the most litigious country in the world. Again, this is wrong. The US is behind Germany, Sweden, Israel, and Austria. Don't let propaganda from insurance companies or big business make you think that when someone brings a claim for their injuries it's wrong. These companies just want more profits, so they want you to feel bad in making a claim. Make up your own mind and you know the old saying, "If you break it, you buy it." Attorneys help convince insurance companies that if their insured breaks, or injures someone, they need to pay for it.

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