Amber Alert: 12-year-old girl missing from Grand Junction

Boulder Police Animal Control searching for bird’s owner

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BOULDER -- If only birds could talk because if they could, it would make officer Taylor Barnes' job a lot easier.

A Sun Conure named Lucky was found up a tree near Folsom Street and 26th Avenue in Boulder.

"A resident called dispatch and said 'I just came out of my house and I'm heading to work and there's a tropical bird in my tree,'" said Barnes of Boulder Police Animal Control said.

When he responded, he located the bird and did what any respectable animal control officer would do. He climbed the tree.

"My main concern was the inclement weather because it was so cold," Barnes said.

With experience, confidence and a ladder, Barnes took the bird into protective custody.

Earlier in the day, the bird's owner was in the area looking for it. Some witnesses said they saw the bird but that he was being carried away by a crow.

Dejected, the owner left the scene.

"We're reaching out to residents. Just kind of spreading the word to see if we can make sure that the person doesn't go off to Petco and get a new Sun Conure," Barnes said.

The bird is 4 years old and loves sunflower seeds. He has a scar on his right cheek and a song in his heart. The bird is being cared for at the Boulder Valley Humane Society.