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Skier on long road to recovery after collision with hit-and-run snowboarder

KEYSTONE, Colo. -- A Keystone skier continues on her long road to recovery as investigators look for the snowboarder who they say hit the skier and took off.

Jenny Elma broke her leg in two places. She underwent a surgery in which doctors put 13 screws in her leg. The recovery will take at least six months.

"I don’t want terrible things to happen to him but just make him understand how awful this could be for someone just because he wants to have a little bit of fun, it’s not fair," said Elma.

Elma said she was going down Haywood Run at Keystone on January 2 at the end of the day when a snowboarder crashed into her from behind. Elma said the snowboarder caught some air and was airborne when he hit her.

"It hit me out of no where. I had no idea. All of a sudden it’s like bam, I watch my leg go out to the left. I’m like whoa, it’s not supposed to go that way," said Elma.

Investigators are looking for the snowboarder who was wearing a black RuRoc full face mask with red detailing. The Summit County Sheriff's Office has partnered up with the Denver Metro Crime Stoppers, hoping to crack the case.

Under Colorado law, skiers and snowboarders involved in crashes resulting in injuries are required to stay on scene and give their information to ski patrol or resort workers. Elma said the snowboarder in her case took off.

"The whole time I kept seeing him inch a little bit further, a little bit further, a little bit further. We were literally 100 yards from the end of the run so he just had to take a left and go and that’s what he did," said Elma.

The Summit County Sheriff said his officers investigate half a dozen cases like this each ski season. He said it's difficult to find the culprits.

"The biggest challenge is so much of the ski gear looks alike. And obviously on cold days, people are covered up literally with goggles from head to toe that you can’t see through so it makes it really hard to identify people," Summit County Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons.

Elma hopes the snowboarder or witnesses come forward.

"I think he would feel very differently if this happened to his brother or his sister or his mother," said Elma.

The snowboarder could face a misdemeanor for leaving the scene.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Summit County Sheriff's Office or Metro Denver Crime Stoppers. That number is 720-913-7867.