Drivers sit in traffic jam for 2 hours as crews recover semitruck that crashed days ago

BAILEY, Colo. — Drivers on U.S. 285 south of Bailey said they spent at least two hours stopped in a traffic jam that was miles long Saturday night.

“We’ve been stopped here at a standstill for about two hours. I can see hundreds of cars in front, hundreds of cars behind,” Jay Kurts said.

A tow company was working to remove a semitruck that flipped on its side. The Colorado State Patrol said the crash did not happen Saturday.

The Colorado State Patrol said the 18-wheeler went through a fence about six miles south of Bailey on Wednesday night. The driver was not injured.

A passenger in the truck called for a tow and the company said it would remove the truck at the next available time.

“We can’t always control what happens on highways,” a Colorado State Patrol spokeswoman said.

The highway reopened a little after 8 p.m. Saturday.