Woman’s wrong-number phone call makes grieving mother’s Christmas

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HOUSTON — Sometimes dialing a wrong number is awkward or irritating, but sometimes it can brighten someone’s day.

Twitter user Jaileene Andrade said she called her mom last week, but was surprised to hear an unfamiliar voice on the other end, Metro reports.

It turns out Andrade made the other person’s day because the woman she accidentally called lost her only daughter over the holidays.

After hanging up, the woman texted Andrade to say that just hearing her say “Hey mom” was “a great Christmas gift.”

Andrade posted a screenshot of the text to Twitter and it has since gone viral with more than 85,000 retweets and more than 300,000 likes.

Twitter: @jayleene_07

Twitter: @jayleene_07

However, Andrade forgot to blur the woman’s number before posting the screenshot of the text and since the story went viral, people have been sending the woman messages to cheer her up during the holidays.

Twitter: @ReiganTodd

Twitter: @ReiganTodd

One Twitter user who knows the woman said she is “very thankful and overwhelmed” by all the texts.

Some Twitter users were suspicious of Andrade’s story and asked, “Why isn’t your mom’s number saved into your contacts? How do you call the wrong number?”

Andrade replied, “She got a new phone and I didn’t save the right number I guess.”