U2C: From dogs to demons!

DENVER -- From dogs to demons... There are plenty of bizarre stories we need to update you on that are Unique 2 Colorado!

The biggest: The Golden Retrievers who were rescued from harsh conditions in Istanbul, Turkey are doing well. Since last week, some of the dogs have been adopted - but a few are still looking for forever homes. You can apply to adopt one of the pups by clicking here.

The bizarre: Despite this past weekend's nasty snowstorm, close to 3,000 people attended 'Krampus: A Haunted Christmas' at Denver's 13th Floor Haunted House. It's the first time the 13th Floor has hosted a Christmas-themed event. Given its success this year, expect another one next year.

To see a few more 'Unique 2 Colorado' tid-bits for the week, watch Kevin Torres' report by clicking 'play' on the video above.