Tracking the truth: What promises did President Obama keep?

DENVER -- We are a little more than 30 days away from Donald Trump's inauguration.

While President Barack Obama will always be remembered for being the nation's first African-American president, he will also be remembered for the promises he kept and the ones he did not keep.

In our ongoing series "Tracking the Truth" we take a look at President Obama's record.

Topic: Health care 

Promise:  "Under this plan it will be against the law to deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition."

Date: Address to Congress  in September 2009

Verdict: True

Reason: Before to the Affordable Care Act, Coloradans could be denied health care because of a preexisting condition. That is no longer the case.

Topic: Health care

Promise: "If you like the plan you have you can keep it."

Date: June 2009 weekly address

Verdict: False

Reason: Millions of Americans have had their healthcare policies change since the Affordable Care Act was signed.

Topic:  Guantanamo Bay Prison

Promise: "The Department is submitting to Congress our plan for finally closing the facility at Guantanamo once and for all."

Date: Throughout his eight years of his presidency, Obama repeated this promise.

Verdict: False

Reason: The prison remains open.

Topic: Economy

Promise: "I believe that the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it."

Date: February 2009 address to Congress

Verdict: True

Reason: The American automobile industry was on the brink of collapse when open assumed office -- it is prosperous today following the president's bailouts.

While many other issues were addressed during Obama's tenure like gun control (false) and killing Osama Bin Laden (true), the president seemed content during a Friday news conference.

"By so many measures we are better today than we were when we started," Obama said.