Study: Colorado ranks third for most sleep-related driving deaths

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DENVER — Colorado has the third-most driving fatalities related to drivers falling asleep behind the wheel, according to a study released Monday.

Sleep Junkie estimated 1 in 25 adult drivers have fallen asleep while driving. It looked at six years of fatal driving accidents for the study.

In Colorado, 6 percent of driving fatalities are related to sleep. Only Wyoming (8.6 percent) and Vermont (6.8 percent) ranked higher.

Highway 285 and Interstate 76 are among the most dangerous roads for sleep-related traffic deaths, according to the study.

Among highways, U.S. 285 from Texas through New Mexico and Colorado was ranked as the most dangerous with 18.09 percent of driving deaths attributed to sleeping.

Interstate 76 from Denver to southwest Nebraska was the second deadliest stretch among interstates, with 11.54 percent of deaths attributed to sleeping drivers, according to the study.

Interstate 37 in southern Texas had the highest volume at 18.28 percent.

Interstate 25 from Wyoming to New Mexico and through Colorado had 9.97 percent volume of fatal driving accidents related to sleeping, ranking it fourth among interstates.