Tomer’s Trails: Engaging Moments

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MOUNT ELBERT - No matter what the adventure there are always engaging moments.  Things that get burned into memory.

On a recent climb of the highest peak in Colorado, Erik Tischner and I came across a newly engaged couple.  We were a few minutes late to see the actual proposal between Scott and Gretchen.  But, when we passed them we could tell something significant had just happened.  Gretchen was smiling from ear to ear and I gave her a hug.

It's engagements like this that often define otherwise ordinary experiences.  I'll never forget it.

Erik and I were there to just climb the peak on an ordinary Saturday morning.  We were fighting the persistent strong wind - something that neither of us could change.  That is what we had remembered up to that point.

That's what makes climbing mountains so memorable.  Those moments when you get hit with something unexpected like seeing Gretchen and Scott.  Good luck to them!