Parade of Darks Beerfest

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The Parade of Darks -- a beer-focused holiday season fundraiser created for Denver’s Metro Caring -- is returning after a brief hiatus.

Launched in December 2011with help from Marty Jones and Wynkoop Brewing Company, the Parade of Darks will now be presented by Metro Caring, Denver’s leading frontlines hunger-prevention organization. Jones is helping Metro Caring produce the event.

The event will take place from 1- 4:30 PM on December 3, 2016, at the glorious Turnhalle Room in the Tivoli Student Union building on the Auraria college campus in downtown Denver.

As it did in previous years, the 2016 Parade of Darks will feature a thrilling and thoughtfully selected array of over 60 winter-seasonal and year-round beers in the amber-to-opaque color categories.

The beers -- from over 40 Colorado, U.S. and international breweries -- will be served in 1-ounce taster portions. The event will also feature gourmet chocolates to accompany the beers.

All proceeds from the 2016 event will go to Metro Caring to help fund its hunger-relief efforts.