Law enforcement agencies conduct ‘move over’ patrols

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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. -- Colorado State Patrol troopers and other law enforcement agencies on Thursday were out enforcing a law that has been in effect since 2006, but now the "move over" law will be strictly enforced.

The move comes less than a week after state trooper Cody Donahue was struck and killed by a semi-truck along Interstate 25 south of Castle Rock.

Donahue was hit while he was investigating another accident. He died instantly.

Drivers traveling through the south corridor of Interstate 25 could be ticketed if they don't move over at least one lane when an emergency vehicle is on the shoulder with its hazard lights flashing.

Five law enforcement agencies watched drivers and pulled anyone over who didn't move over.

Dashcam video shows the driver of the vehicle, 41-year-old Noe Gamez-Ruiz, had room to move over to another lane but didn't.

Gamez-Ruiz has been charged with careless driving resulting in death and failure to yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle.

Law enforcement officials said if a driver can’t move over, they are required to significantly slow down. By moving over, drivers provide a buffer between them and emergency vehicles.

Since 2010, more than 6,000 drivers have been cited for violating the "move over" law. The fine is a minimum of $87.

Donahue's funeral will be at 11 a.m. Friday at the Denver First Church of Nazarene in Englewood.